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Through her travels, Jo Hopkins had the opportunity to travel through the Volta region of Ghana, West Africa. While visiting and volunteering at an orphanage there, she instantly fell in love with the children. While they had almost nothing, their happy spirits where overwhelming. Most of these forgotten children had never received any type of education and it was clear they would likely never escape their impoverish circumstance. From this experience the One by One Foundation was born.

Jo and Randy, through the One by One Foundation, and with your support, believe that with an opportunity and access to adequate education, food and clothing, we can help break the cycle of poverty in Ghana, West Africa and make these children responsible and contributing members of their villages, communities, country and the World.

By supporting the One by One Foundation, you make it possible to provide for and help cover costs associated with educational tuition, vocational training, room & board, supplies, uniforms, medical and miscellaneous necessities for these children & young adults.

A letter from one of our students:

Hello Mama Josephine,

My life has nothing to account for if you are not on this planet. From the time you set your eyes on me, was the day of liberation from suffering. I wish someone, somewhere, could be like you, or take your footsteps to eradicate all form of pain from this world. Any time you come to Ghana, I find much greater happiness in life. Words cannot express how thankful I am to all that you are doing for me. May God richly bless you all of the days of your life. YOU ARE MY GREATEST TREASURE MAMA JOSEPHINE.


Since becoming involved in Ghana, other opportunities have presented themselves which will allow Jo and Randy to help additional students, the local communities, and continue to fund the foundation's primary mission in Ghana.  One such business opportunity is the ONE BY ONE CLOTHING STORE.

Jo and Randy have created a clothing store that will employ several of the past students, as well as local community members, to manufacture, market and sell their clothing.  This will not only help bring jobs and purpose to many of the students and the community members.… the ONE BY ONE FOUNDATION will also benefit… as 100% of the net profits will be donated back to the ONE BY ONE FOUNDATION.

Check out the full clothing store at https://www.teepublic.com/user/onebyonefoundation. Also be sure to check out our authentic Ghana store here: https://onebyoneghanastore.com/.

Visit Ghana

Visit Ghana and have an emotional and spiritually rewarding experience that will change you forever. Download Additional Info below to see how the One by One Foundation can help arrange a stay, customized to your desires, though our friendly and experienced contacts in Ghana. These contacts will be there to make sure you will be safe and help take care of your every need while visiting. For cost of the trip, plus a donation, the One by One Foundation can act as your “concierge service” allowing you an intimate experience, while also supporting our foundation to further our educational efforts in Ghana... and you can leave in as soon as 60 days!
We believe this will be an experience you will never forget. Our hope is that the experience will change your life, the way it has ours, and you will go back again and again. Our students love to have visitors and have become quite the ambassadors for our program. They will make sure your stay is comfortable, entertaining and filled with joy and love that you will cherish forever.

Meet our students

  • Mawulikem Lobo (Elikem)

    Mawaulken Lobo (Elikem)

    Village: Abutia Agorve

  • Samuel Dzakpa (Sammy)

    Samuel dzakpa (sammy)

    Village: Abutia Agorve

  • Patience EnyonamTsorme

    Patience Enyonam Tsorme

    Village: Ho-Dome

  • Peace Kafui Tsorme

    Peace Kafui Ama Tsorme

    Village: Ho-Dome

  • Patricia Aku Dogbe

    Patricia Aku Dogbe

    Village: Ho-Dome

  • Priscilla Akosia Agbenyega

    Priscilla Akosia Agbenyega

    Village: Sokode Bagble

  • Peace Ama Sika Dotse (Sika)

    Peace Ama Sika Dotse (Sika)

    Village: Hodzo

  • Evelyn-Welewu

    Evelyn Welewu

    Village: Sokode-Bagble

  • Gloria Tekah

    Gloria Ampofo

    Village: Sokode-Bagble

  • Edem Tekah

    Edem Josephine Tekah

    Village: Sokode-Bagble

  • Emmanuel Asiam (Emma)

    Emmanuel Asiam (Emma)

    Village: Sokode Bagble

  • Wulasi Frank Anku (Frank)

    Wulasi Frank Anku (Frank)

    Village: Abutie-Kloe

  • Noble-Kofi-Mawutor-(Malto)

    Noble Kofi Mawutor (Malto)

    Village: Hodzo-ve

  • Makafui Donkor

    Makafui Donkor

    Village: Ho-Dome

  • Priscilla Adekpuitor

    Priscilla Adekpuitor

    Village: Ho-Dome

  • Romeo Nunyuie

    Romeo Nunyuie

    Village: Ho-Dome

  • Regina-Selase-Addo-(Sela)

    Regina Ama Selase Addo (Sela)

    Village: Ho-Dome

  • richard-deklu

    richard deklu

    Village: Ho-Dome
    We are sad to announce that Richard passed away due to illness. He will be missed.

  • eunice

    Eunice Bapule

    Village: Nandom

  • Gideom-Owuso

    Gideom Owuso

    Village: Kumasi

  • Miriam-Mawumenyo

    Miriam Mawumenyo

    Village: Peki

  • Rina-Kubu-ria

    Rina Kubu-ria

    Village: Nandom

  • Sylvia

    Sylvia Ninbeen

    Village: Nandom-Ketuo

  • Richard_Kodzi

    Richard Kodzi

    Village: Ho-Dodome-Kpeve

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