Our Recent visit to Ghana

In May 2019 Jo and Randy took the opportunity to go back and visit Ghana. The trip was busy, but very productive.

While in Ghana, we were fortunate to hire Richard Dwamena as a father/manager to complement and assist our mother/manager Constance (who has been with us for 10 years). Richard is a successful entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses in Ho, Ghana, and we are pleased that he will bring more knowledge, management and oversight to all our One by One Foundation activities in Ghana.

Jo and Randy were fortunate to spend time with each of the students, and review their individual progress and discuss plans for each of them; as many of the students will soon be leaving the direct support of the foundation.

The Foundation was also pleased to have the opportunity to take on 2 more children; Miriam (Age 7) and Gideon (Age 13). These are two amazing and loving children, and we feel honored to be able to help them through our Foundation efforts in Ghana.

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