Meditation: Kriya Yoga Thought of the Month

The essence of Kriya Yoga and all meditation is the breath.

There is a reason the Bible stated that God “breathed life into the body.”

Baba, my master, would say “who is pulling the breath?“

Aristotle, the ancient philosopher, spoke about “the unmoved mover,” meaning that which can move everything but remains unmoved itself.

Breath is formless and by relaxing into meditation with a focus on the breath one experiences what my Christian brothers and sisters would say is the Holy Spirit, Buddhists would call “nothingness”, Native Americans would call “the great spirit”, and Baba would call “atma“ or the indwelling self.

The commonality of all traditions is to uncover and develop this essence which is loving-kindness. By experiencing this calmness or essence through meditation it helps one to manifest more loving-kindness inside and outside of one’s daily life which brings more happiness.

If you’re interested in Kriya Yoga as a holistic and healthy approach to living, call me.

I pray to the one God of all religions.

A piece by Randy Hopkins, Co-Founder of the One by One Foundation

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