Children’s Health

One By One Foundation’s first “children’s health” project is currently under way and has been since 2007. Originally we were helping support an orphanage (SWODC – Save Widow’s and Orphans Development Center) in the Ho Municipality of the Volta Region in Ghana West Africa, but as of September 2008, this orphanage has had to close their doors.

Sixteen of the twenty one children that were at the orphanage had to be sent back to the same relatives or guardians in the villages that had originally brought them there due to the inability to provide for them.  Jo made it her mission to locate almost all the children, enroll them is school, provide a secure place to live and provide food, clothing and medical.  Even with the changes with the orphanage, our vision and goal remains the same and that is to ensure these children a happy, healthy and successful future by providing the best education that is available to them.  We have since added three new children.

The children range from age 7 to 24 years and come from different villages throughout the Volta Region in Ghana. These children have lost one or both parents or one or both parents are destitute. Most of the children had been living with relatives or guardians who no longer could care for them financially so they were brought to the orphanage and when the orphanage closed were sent back. The children have come from extremely traumatic and uncertain lives which have left them with a loss of hope and no ability to set goals for themselves for their future. They have lived with an absence of security, lack of safety and no sense of feeling settled. Their existence was from one day to the next not knowing if they would have food, shelter, safe drinking water or any of the other basic necessities of life.

We have enrolled each child into local boarding schools which are considered to be the best schools available for the area.  The cost for each child ranges from $750 to $2800 per year which includes tuition, room, board, all school supplies, uniforms, medical and miscellaneous necessities. In Ghana a child’s education goes through SHS Form 3 (the equivalent to 12th grade) and then they will graduate and be ready to continue on to University, technology school, nursing school, or whatever kind of training the child is interested in to secure their future.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela