One by One Foundation – Healing Minds, Hearts and Spirits

Healing Minds

Our first mission is to help children in Ghana, West Africa with food, shelter, medical and educational needs. Since 2006, the foundation has been working to improve the lives of more than 20 children and young adults. We’ve been able to make a tremendous difference in their lives by providing basic needs such as shelter, food, medical care, and supporting education through tuition assistance. We believe through education children will become healthier, self reliant, loving, and productive children and grow into loving and productive adults.  We have a full time mother/manager, Constance, who watches over each child and ensures they get the assistance they need while providing local oversight for the foundation projects.

Our foundation also works with young adults and local entrepreneurs to create self-sustaining businesses that can benefit the children through apprenticeships and learning business management. With some assistance, the “teaching to fish” methodology creates long lasting, productive environments for the children and their community. Some of our efforts include purchasing land for a farm development where the kids learn to grow crops and sell them at local markets, and starting a tailoring/clothing shop where the kids can learn skills to make clothing and accessories that can be sold.  We will soon have some of the original creations available to purchase directly on our website.

Randy and Josephine in Ghana, Africa, with the One By One Children
Randy and Josephine in Ghana, Africa, with the One By One Children

Healing Hearts and Spirits

The second part of our mission is to go beyond the basic necessities of food, shelter, medicine and education, and work with children and adults on strengthening hearts, minds and spirits.  We believe that happiness and fulfillment requires feeding the soul as much as feeding the stomach.  To accomplish this, we are embarking on “animal assisted activities” for children and a Kriya Yoga meditation center for adults.

IMG_5996Many studies have shown that physical connections with animals directly affects our state of mind and attitude. The power of a wagging tail or a purring cat touches us very deeply and profoundly.  We are trying to bring this kind of emotional therapy to children with goats, pigs, miniature donkeys and a few other assorted four-legged gentile creatures not normally found in the family back yard. This bonding experience is not only fun and exciting for the kids, it is a way for the child to connect with themselves, and others in a healthier way. This type of therapeutic experience increases happiness, contentment, and spiritual connectedness.

Our assisted animal therapy project is being initiated on our tranquil 10 acres between Meridian and Kuna, Idaho. Our facility is open to groups and the general public for no charge and we encourage any group with at-risk kids to contact us to arrange a visit.

The second part of our healing hearts and spirits mission is to promote Kriya Yoga. Kriya is a non-dogmatic, non-sectarian, scientific meditation technique that benefits the body, mind, and spirit by bringing the light of God into every cell in your body. It is a common highway of all religions. With practice one experiences more peace, calmness, and health.  We plan to have meditation instruction and retreats at our Idaho property and we are promoting Kriya Yoga to the public as a healthy lifestyle practice.

Our foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity and we appreciate your visiting our web site and learning more about our mission.  If you would like more information or can provide any assistance please let us know.

VIDEO: Hear from Dr. Crownson, a St. Luke’s Doctor and an orphan
from Ghana, who’s now a Family Medical Practitioner in Nampa, Idaho.

Golf Scramble

Please join us for the 2019 Annual One By One Foundation Golf Scramble at BanBury Golf Club on September 27th. Last year we raised over $15,000 and we look forward to another fun afternoon of golf, food, African-Style Dancing and Music. Help our Children, Have Some Fun!

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Visit Ghana, Africa (BYBVP)

Visit Ghana and have an emotional and spiritually rewarding experience. Yes, we believe that if you go, you and/or your family or friends, will be changed forever! We can arrange a one week stay or more (customized to your desires) and you will be safe, taken care of by our friendly and experienced contacts in Ghana who will see to your every need while visiting. For as little as $2530 you can have this intimate experience with some of the proceeds going to our foundation to further support our efforts to help the Ghanian children. Click here and find out more - YOU CAN LEAVE IN 60 DAYS!

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