Welcome to the One By One Foundation Web Site!

Our primary mission is to improve children’s health and welfare starting in Ghana, West Africa and soon to come to Idaho.

The primary mission has grown out of a passion to provide for and improve a child’s life through education and adequate access to food, clothing and shelter.

Secondarily, our foundation wants to improve the spiritual health/well being of others and environmental health throughout the world.

Randy and Josephine Hopkins created the One By One Foundation in 2007 and we have been actively helping children and the underserved since then.  Our foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity and we appreciate your visiting our web site and learning more about our mission.  If you would like more information or can provide any assistance please let us know.

Here from Dr. Crownson, an orphan from Ghana and now a Family Medicine practitioner in Nampa, Idaho.

Golf Scramble

Come join us for the One By One Foundation Golf Scramble. October 7, 2017 at Banbury Golf Course. Help our Children, Have Some Fun!

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Beyond Your Borders Volunteer Program (BYBVP)

Visit Ghana and have an emotional and spiritually rewarding experience. Yes, we believe that if you go, you and/or your family or friends, will be changed forever! We can arrange a one week stay or more (customized to your desires) and you will be safe, taken care of by our friendly and experienced contacts in Ghana who will see to your every need while visiting. For as little as $2530 you can have this intimate experience with some of the proceeds going to our foundation to further support our efforts to help the Ghanian children. Click here and find out more - YOU CAN LEAVE IN 60 DAYS!

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The foundation has been fortunate enough to connect with very talented and influential people and organizations around the world. We want to send out a special thanks to the Picture Book Project Foundation that set up a special fundraiser, Art Blocks for Ghana, that helped raise over $50,000 to support our kids in Ghana. You can read about the fundraiser here. We also want to thank Matt Hass who has been able to sort through countless hours of video and pictures taken by Randy and Josephine over the past couple of years, and create two short videos that help convey the spirit of love and friendship that Ghana offers. Thanks for your hard work Matt! Please visit Matt’s web site at www.HassArts.com.

One By One Foundation Video

One By One Foundation In Ghana Video